Innovative Automation Private Limited
Innovative Automation Private Limited
Shivane, Pune, Maharashtra

Combustion Control Products

We are the largest manufacturer of Combustion Control Products like Modulating Motors, Actuators.

Some of the our products are as follow :

  • Prepiped Gas Trains
  • Gas Flow Meters
  • Electronic Volume Corrector
  • Pressure Reducing station 
  • Package Burner
  • Intello Modulating Motors, Motorised Valves and Actuators
  • Motorised Dampers
  • Flame Detectors and Flame Switches
  • Burner Controllers
  • Gas Filters
  • Gas Pressure Regualtors
  • Gas Solenoid valves
  • Slam Shut off & Pressure Relief valves
  • Pressure Transmitters